: Vice President of Development and Resources

Management, implementation and monitoring of programs related to administrative transformation and modernization in Jihad Agricultural Organization of the province within the framework of approved policies.

Determining the policies and guidelines related to how to organize the organizational structure, improving the processes and methods of doing work, recruiting, maintaining and improving human resources in the provincial organization within the framework of the relevant rules and regulations.

Planning and monitoring to estimate and meet the training needs of employees.

Supervising the preparation and regulation and implementation of the necessary instructions in administrative, financial, personnel, welfare and procurement matters within the framework of relevant laws and regulations.

Carrying out measures related to the regulation, maintenance and settlement of accounts in the provincial organization based on the promulgated rules and regulations.

Carrying out matters related to the repair and maintenance of buildings, establishments and telecommunications of the provincial organization and subordinate and affiliated units.

Planning and taking the necessary measures in order to manage and improve the welfare of the employees and monitor its good performance.

Examining the issues and problems and welfare needs of the families of the martyrs and martyrs and taking the necessary measures to provide solutions to their problems.

Following up on the implementation of the approvals and directives related to martyrs, veterans and families of martyrs and preparing the necessary reports to submit to the relevant authorities.

Collecting, recording and protecting the works of the holy defense period in order to spread the culture of sacrifice and holy defense.

Carrying out secretarial affairs related to receiving, registering, intercepting, issuing and sending administrative correspondence. 

Carrying out the necessary measures in order to satisfy and resolve the issues of the legal interests of Jihad Keshavarzi Organization by planning, pursuing and defending the claims of the organization, as the case may be, in all stages of investigation and arbitration and other legal actions.

Subsets of the vice president of development of management and resources

1. Management of administrative affairs
2. Financial management

3. Welfare management and support

4. Department of legal affairs

5- Administration of veterans' affairs

6- Department of contracts and agreements

7. Modernization and administrative transformation group

8- Board for dealing with administrative violations

9- Secretariat