Description of the management duties of fisheries and aquaculture affairs



Guiding, coordinating and implementing all approved projects, plans and programs regarding aquatic breeding and breeding activities within the framework of the notified guidelines and preparing the necessary reports.

- Planning and carrying out all educational activities and promotion of new methods of propagation and breeding in order to increase the amount of production per unit area and achieve the goals foreseen in the development plan and providing analytical reports of the positive effects of these activities in the development of propagation and breeding of aquatic animals and Monitoring the implementation of the mentioned programs.

- Creating coordination with the relevant economic sectors in connection with the provision of land, water, electricity and other facilities and equipment needed by the said sectors based on the approved development plans.

- Identifying and studying all water resources suitable for aquaculture and organizing and proposing projects, plans and programs for the development of breeding and aquaculture at the province level based on the potentials of the region and the macro development goals and needs of the region.

- Issuance of basic agreements on aquaculture to economic sectors within the framework of the approved program and the regulations and instructions.

- Planning, monitoring and directing all the activities of implementation and production of fishery products based on the approved standards and program and the notified instructions and providing analytical reports of the progress of said activities.

- Supervising the maintenance and sanitary distribution of aquatic and fishery products based on approved standards and communicated instructions.

- Supervising compliance with quality control standards in all stages, including transportation of fish products, processing and production of fishery products, transportation and storage of aquatic products and products, and providing analytical reports of the aforementioned activities.

- Supervising the implementation of approved plans and programs and evaluating the performance of the programs and providing analytical reports on how they are implemented.

- Preparation, organization and timely proposal of the current and construction budgets of the province's fisheries based on the announced instructions. - Collecting statistics and information and specialized reports in the field of fishing activities of the province, analyzing it and presenting analytical-statistical reports.

- Monitoring and directing all activities related to the protection and protection of water resources within the framework of the announced instructions.

- Cooperation with the police force in order to properly implement the operational activities of protection and protection of water resources.

- Drafting and following up the lawsuits related to the province's fisheries in the legal authorities of the province and providing the necessary reports on the enforcement of fisheries rights within the framework of the announced instructions and performing other related legal activities.

- Preparing and organizing and proposing construction and technical projects and plans as needed in order to achieve the goals of the development of Iranian fisheries.

- Carrying out all activities related to financial affairs within the framework of delegated powers and relevant regulations.

- Carrying out all administrative, service and procurement activities based on relevant laws and regulations.

- Carrying out other related matters that are referred according to the case.

Policy and management plans:

1. Knowing the potentials, possibilities and abilities of aquaculture in the province through aquaculture studies

2. Optimum use of water and potential facilities in the province for aquaculture

3. Fishing of susceptible water resources at the level of the province

4. Increasing the amount of aquatic consumption in the province through the implementation of model projects

5. Using new methods of aquaculture and increasing production per unit area and its promotion and development at the level of fish farms.

6. Increasing the knowledge and awareness of aquaculture farmers

7. Identifying and investigating the possibility of growing native species suitable for the weather conditions of the region

8. Encouraging and encouraging investment in the aquatic production sector by granting facilities with low interest to applicants.

9. Expansion of activities related to fishing industries