According to the public relations report of South Khorasan Agricultural Jihad Organization, this Thursday morning (July 23) 6 top national producers and 47 provincial winners were honored in the presence of the governor, head of the organization, representative of the legal guardian in the organization and a group of provincial officials and managers of the organization. Came.

In this meeting, the coordinator of the South Khorasan Agricultural Jihad promotion also said: One of the most important programs of the Agricultural Jihad organization is to identify and introduce the top producers and successful models of the agricultural sector in order to honor the efforts of those who work hard in the agricultural production sector, to create motivation and healthy competition. It is among other beneficiaries of the agricultural sector, the follow-up of this matter has been assigned to the coordination management of agricultural promotion.

Mohammad Modi added: This year, 149 cases have been sent to the provincial headquarters for investigation from the administrations of agricultural jihad in the cities.

he continued: After the final reviews of these files, 47 people were selected as the best producers in the province and 6 people were selected as national winners.