12- By-laws for supporting knowledge-based and job-creating production in agriculture and natural resources (year 1401)

11- Regulations and approvals of 2018

10- Notification of the implementation method for the leave of employees of the Ministry of Jihad of Agriculture

9-  The announcement of the national pension fund about the terms and conditions of receiving a loan

8-  Deduction of overdue monthly installments of last year's supplementary insurance contract from September 2018

7- Transfer of insurance premiums

6- Implementation regulations of the budget law of 2018

5-  Circular of the Organization of Administrative and Employment Affairs to all executive bodies

4- The issue of amending the instructions of clause (9) of article (68) of the Civil Service Management Law

3-  Circular of the program and budget organization to all executive bodies

2- ماده Article (29) of the Law of the Sixth Development Plan, which uses the public budget in some way