Description of the duties of water and soil management and technical and engineering affairs


Implementation of the macro policies of the Ministry of Agricultural Jihad in the field of management of agricultural areas and water and soil resources in different regions of the province and setting goals and plans.

Implementation of all regulations and instructions of the Ministry of Jihad Agriculture in the field of supply, distribution and exploitation of agricultural water resources and related water facilities.

Investigating and prioritizing agricultural land to carry out soil reform and renewal operations, land settlement, drainage, council removal, revival, integration, preparation, anti-erosion operations and roads between farms, water supply, revival of canals and establishment of irrigation systems.

Examining and appointing contractors to advance the executive activities of the water and soil sector of agriculture and animal husbandry and the relevant facilities in the province and the relevant contracts.

Continuous monitoring of the activities of non-governmental sector contractors in the implementation of water and land projects, agriculture and animal husbandry projects and related facilities in the province and collecting and summarizing relevant statistics and reports.

Carrying out planning and necessary measures regarding the equipment and strengthening of laboratories located in different departments of the organization.