Description of the duties of the vice president for plant production improvement


Guiding and monitoring matters related to the improvement and increase of agricultural production at the provincial level within the framework of the macro policies of the Ministry of Jihad Agriculture.

Preparation of the proposed annual plan and budget for the production of agricultural products and submission to the relevant units for their approval and supervision.

Taking the necessary measures to revive, improve and develop plant resources in the agricultural zone of the province.

Investigating and identifying obstacles and problems in the way of agricultural development of the province and planning to remove existing obstacles and facilitate the flow of agricultural production.

Collecting and announcing the educational and research needs of the agricultural sector of the province to the relevant educational and research authorities.

-Implementation of the correct methods of promoting the utilization of agricultural resources as well as various agricultural operations and planning to promote the most suitable agricultural methods for productivity with the coordination of the agricultural promotion management.

- Preparation and compilation of technical instructions related to the different stages of production of agricultural products based on the latest research and practical findings and presented to the beneficiaries in coordination with the agricultural promotion management.


Deputy Subsets:

1. Management of agriculture affairs

2. Management of horticulture affairs

3. Plant conservation management

4- Department of mechanized agricultural technologies