Description of the duties of agricultural promotion and coordination management

Integrated management of extension methods, transfer of findings and creation of extension situations including: scientific conferences, informal extension and skill trainings of agricultural users, model farms, research and extension farms, identification and introduction of sample producers

Creating a non-governmental promotion network including: establishment and support of agricultural engineering consulting-technical service companies

Carrying out media reports on agricultural promotion activities and programs, including: preparation and production of radio, television, written and digital media and Internet programs.

Expanding participation and economic and social empowerment of rural and nomadic women

Employing people's forces in the form of construction mobilization plan

  • Organization and strengthening of extension agents including: construction soldiers, promoters and extension workers, farm technical supervisors and other agents of the extension network in coordination with other relevant specialized units.

    Planning and carrying out the necessary measures to equip and support the extension network, especially the extension centers and agricultural Jihad services of the villages

    Establishing the agricultural trade union system and organizing, supporting and empowering organizations in the agricultural sector