Description of agricultural industry management duties

Guiding and implementing the macro policies of the Ministry of Jihad Agriculture in the revival, improvement and development of transformational and complementary industries in the agriculture sector.

Compilation of a management plan for the management of transformation industries and the completion and development of agricultural mechanization according to the production, production and consumption capacities of the province within the framework of the approved policy.

Investigating the status of agricultural food waste in different stages of production, production, distribution and consumption and creating appropriate interaction with the relevant units to find appropriate solutions to reduce waste.

Preparation and compilation of necessary technical instructions in the field of construction, improvement and development of agricultural food industries in coordination with other related programs.

Estimating, predicting, tracking the supply and distribution of agricultural machinery and tools needed to mechanize the activities of the agricultural sector based on the declaration of needs of specialized units and related implementation.

Preparation and compilation of technical instructions related to the purchase, maintenance and repair of agricultural machinery and tools and communicating it to the executive units located in the cities and regions below the city.