Organizational objectives after the approval of the law on the integration of the ministries of Jihad and Agriculture on the eighth of Bahman year 1379 in the Islamic Council and the formation of the Ministry of Jihad and Agriculture as the trustee of the Agriculture and Rural Development Department at the country level of the Organization of Jihad and Agriculture of South Khorasan Province on the twenty-eighth Shahrivar month 1383 officially started with the introduction of Haji Ali Ahani as the head of the organization by the order of Engineer Mahmoud Hojjati, then Minister of Jihad and Agriculture.

Organizational goals


In the 98th session of the 7th of December of the year 1386, the Supreme Administrative Council approved the duties of the provincial agricultural jihad units as follows, in the implementation of part 3 of article one.

1) Investigating and recognizing the potential and actual capabilities and talents of resources and production factors of the agricultural sector (agriculture, horticulture, water and soil, livestock, poultry and aquatic life and rural and nomadic development and natural resources) at the province level and technical, economic and Social related to them

2) Preparation and preparation of policies, goals, programs and policies for the development of the agricultural sector, the development and development of villages and nomadic areas in the province in the form of approved policies and programs, as well as the proposal of the annual plan and budget to the relevant authorities in the province for approval.

3) Examining, compiling and implementing programs, designs and instructions related to the pattern of cultivation of agricultural products as well as the animal husbandry, animal husbandry and natural resources system of the province in the form of approved policies.

4) Preparing, compiling and implementing comprehensive plans related to increasing the production of agricultural and livestock products and reducing waste at the provincial level based on the relevant laws and regulations.

5) Collecting, extracting, classifying, processing, maintaining, updating and publishing statistics related to agriculture and development and rural and nomadic construction in the province.

6) Preparation, implementation and evaluation of provincial research projects based on the policies and guidelines announced by the ministry.

7) Study, review, needs assessment, planning, preparation, implementation and evaluation of plans, programs and educational and promotional, technical, professional, scientific and practical programs needed by producers, beneficiaries, promoters and leaders of the agricultural sector in the province in the form of policies and programs approved by the Ministry of Jihad and Agriculture

8) Presenting the results of the conducted research to producers and users

9) Preparation and implementation of plans and programs related to the preservation, revival, expansion, protection and proper use of forests and natural and hand-planted pastures at the province level within the framework of approved policies and programs.

10) Studying, planning, compiling and implementing the necessary plans in the field of watershed management and watershed management in the watershed areas of the province.

11) Preparation and implementation of quicksand stabilization plans and desertification and prevention of desertification

12) Preparation, compilation and implementation of afforestation plans, forestry, grazing, creation of forest parks and nature resorts within the framework of notified policies.

13) Carrying out the necessary measures in order to preserve and prevent the change of use of agricultural and forest lands.

14) Identifying and distinguishing the legal sanctity of national, state and favorable lands from the exceptions of real and legal persons at the provincial level and obtaining a document in the name of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran and implementing regulations related to the management and transfer of national and state lands within the framework of existing laws and regulations

15) Carrying out the necessary enforcement operations to establish legal and shari'a ownerships, respecting the mutual rights of the people and the government, and implementing the land reform law in the included and remaining competitors, as well as determining the final assignment of temporary cultivation lands.

16) planning to establish a network of promotional operations in rural and nomadic areas in the form of policies and programs of the ministries

17) Preparation of the plan for the use of agricultural lands and natural resources of the province in the framework of comprehensive watershed plans.

18) Health supervision of livestock keeping and breeding centers and center of preparation, production, distribution and supply of raw products of animal origin and fishery products. Animal feed factories, slaughterhouses and places of animal supply and application of standards

19) Carrying out the necessary measures in order to preserve, revive, develop and properly exploit aquatic resources and develop aquaculture in the province.

20) Planning, taking measures and predicting the necessary mechanisms for the development and construction of villages in coordination with other institutions at the province level.

21) Preparing, compiling and implementing plans and programs related to agricultural infrastructure such as land integration, building roads between farms, equipping and renovating farms and gardens in order to effectively use agricultural resources and inputs.

22) Investigating and carrying out the necessary measures in the field of preserving, improving, revitalizing and increasing soil fertility in order to use it optimally and optimally.

23) Planning and carrying out the necessary measures in order to transfer water from traditional rivers and canals, distribute and optimally use agricultural water and increase the efficiency of irrigation in farms and gardens by using new irrigation methods and measures related to the construction, development and maintenance of water facilities.

24) Implementation of the duties stipulated in the law on fair distribution of water approved in 1361 and its subsequent amendments at the provincial level.

25) Implementation of small projects for the provision and development of water resources at the province level (after obtaining the necessary permission from the relevant regional water organization)

26) Identifying the facilities and needs of mobile herders in order to provide appropriate services in order to improve and develop the economic, social and production conditions of the nomads.

27) Organization of nomadic migration and settlement within the framework of notified plans

28) Carrying out the necessary measures to maintain the fishing ports and infrastructure facilities based on the notified rules

29) providing fields for the development of industries related to the collection, storage, transformation and processing and packaging of agricultural products and livestock products and the development and support of small industries, transformation and completion of the agricultural sector and rural industries in the province

30) Carrying out the necessary measures in the field of preserving, improving and developing the quantity and quality of agricultural and horticultural crops, livestock, aquatic and natural resources of the province and protecting the interests of producers.

31) Examining the agricultural exploitation systems in the province and providing the most suitable means for their development according to the cultural, economic and social characteristics of the region.

32) Carrying out the necessary investigations regarding the quantitative and qualitative assessment and diagnosis of all agricultural technological needs in accordance with the climatic and agricultural characteristics of the province and the preparation and implementation of mechanization plans and other required programs based on the policies and guidelines

33) Carrying out the necessary measures in order to maintain, revive, develop and use the livestock and aquatic resources, breeding, nutrition, management and health engineering of the livestock and issuing the necessary permits in the framework of the policies and instructions.

34) Ensuring the health and hygiene of animals through the creation of early awareness and care networks and the implementation of operations to prevent and fight against animal and common human and animal diseases and animal quarantine

35) Carrying out necessary measures regarding the expansion of pre-awareness networks, care, prevention, plant quarantine and fighting against pests, weeds and plant diseases at the province level.

36) Supervision and control over the distribution and consumption of substances and other biological substances and poisons required by the agricultural sector in the province based on the notified criteria.

37) Carrying out the necessary measures in the field of organizing and optimizing the supply and demand system and regulating the market of agricultural products and livestock products in the province within the framework of the approved programs and commercial policies of the country.

38) Carrying out the necessary measures in the field of buying, selling, marketing, exporting. Insurance, maintenance, cancellation, and the like regarding products and products of the agricultural sector based on laws, approvals and by-laws and relevant instructions in the framework of the country's commercial policies.

39) Supporting the development of investment in the agricultural sector and providing the necessary conditions for the use of the credit facilities of the Agricultural Bank and other sources of banks and credit institutions by producers and users.

40) Carrying out the necessary measures in the field of insurance of producers, products, establishments and industries related to the agricultural sector

41) Carrying out the necessary measures in the field of providing services and providing and distributing livestock and aquatic agricultural inputs, medicine, serum and other biological materials through the non-governmental sector and, if necessary, by the relevant unit in the province within the framework of the regulations announced by the Ministry of Jihad and Agriculture.

42) continuous monitoring of all activities related to different subsectors of agriculture in the province

43) Monitoring and evaluation of plans, activities, measures within the scope of duties of the provincial units of the ministry in order to measure their efficiency and effectiveness.

44) Implementation of Article 88 of the law on regulating part of the government's financial regulations to carry out activities related to agriculture, natural resources, livestock, poultry, and aquatics.

45) Performing other tasks and affairs that are the responsibility of the Ministry of Jihad Agriculture at the provincial level according to the laws and regulations.