Description of the duties of the assistant for the improvement of livestock products

  • Management and supervision of matters related to improving and increasing the production of livestock and livestock products and controlling its population in the province within the framework of the policies of the Ministry of Jihad and Agriculture.

    Preparation of the proposed annual plan and budget for the production of livestock products and submission to the relevant units for approval and regulation of the proposed annual plan and budget for the production of livestock products in the province.

    Continuous monitoring of the progress of development plans for the development of animal husbandry in the provincial organization based on the policies approved by the relevant directives and instructions.

    Adopting necessary measures to preserve and improve livestock and poultry resources and improve the breed of superior livestock species.

  • Preparation and compilation of models and technical and promotional instructions related to nutrition, health and improvement of the position, breeding and improvement of breeds of livestock and poultry.

    Establishing a suitable interaction with the technical and engineering unit of the organization in order to technically control animal husbandry projects, exchange technical information and improve operational methods.

    Investigating and taking the necessary measures to introduce and supply livestock food sources in the province, as well as estimate livestock feed and related products and equipment within the framework of approved policies.

    Examining, compiling and updating the existing animal husbandry systems of the province.


    Subcategories of Deputy
    1. Management of livestock affairs..

    2. Management of poultry affairs