In the name of God

Ethical Charter of Jihad Agricultural Organization of South Khorasan Province

Since the emphasis of our religious sources (Qur'an and Atrat) is always on observing order and discipline, good behavior, justice, fairness and sense of responsibility.

It is our duty to strive for its realization and to implement it as best as possible in the form of the ethical charter of the organization.

"We wish the success of respected colleagues in the best possible implementation of this charter from God Almighty"

1- Arrive at work on time and be punctual in communication with colleagues and clients.

2- To treat colleagues and clients with good manners and modesty.

3- Necessary guidance and information should be fully available to clients and prevent them from wandering.

4- The atmosphere of dealings should be such that clients have full confidence in officials and employees.

5- To provide services to clients with respect for justice and fairness and without discrimination (ethnic, sexual, kinship, religious, etc.).

6- To listen carefully to the talk and requests of the clients and make maximum efforts in responding and providing services to them.

7- Necessary information to provide optimal services and speed up the execution of affairs to the colleagues in a favorable manner.

8- Perform tasks effectively and efficiently with speed and in accordance with organizational rules and regulations.

9- Abstain from manifestations of administrative corruption, such as giving advice, ordering, and receiving any kind of gift or cash.

10- In case of any abuse of job and job position and receiving gift or cash, the matter should be reported to the relevant authorities.

11- The activity should be timed and performed based on the predicted time.

12- The activities should be done according to the documented and specific method, not according to the taste of the employees or managers

13- Refrain from rumour-mongering, slander, backbiting, Chinese news and any action that weakens the sincerity and trust of the employees.

14- Keep secrets and refrain from revealing confidential documents.

15- Use appropriate clothing according to the customs and culture of the society.

16- Avoid smoking, especially in the work environment.

17- The equipment and objects should be placed accurately and regularly, so that they are easily available at the desired time.

18- Safety devices should be used as needed.

19- To prevent extravagance and unnecessary consumption of the facilities and property of the organization.

20- Try to establish a balance between work and family life.

21- Organizational authority and power should be used correctly.

22- The goals of the organization should be understood correctly and individual goals should be aligned with it.

23- To have a sense of responsibility towards his profession and organization.

24- The rules and regulations of the organization must be strictly observed.

25- Refrain from handing over documents to persons who do not have the right to receive them.

Imam Ali (a.s.): Don't give a blessing to the people with your services, that makes the vow of service invalid and worthless. "Nahj al-Balagheh Letter 539"

Imam Ali (a.s.): Whoever is short in doing something will suffer from grief. Nahj al-Balagheh Nameh 51 p. 981