Description of the duties of the cultural affairs department and the development of Islamic values

1- Planning in order to promote the policies and guidelines of the Imam (RA) and the Supreme Leader

2- Conducting the necessary investigations and studies about the existing cultural situation in the organization and analyzing and presenting to the cultural council of the organization to take the necessary decision and action.

3- Planning for the formation of headquarters and councils, including (Cultural Council - Council for Good and Prohibition - Prayer - Zakat, etc.)

4- Taking action to promote and encourage religious belief - Identifying and introducing moral good practices - Spreading the culture of chastity and hijab

5- Planning to promote Jihadi culture and taking necessary measures to support and strengthen it

6- Planning and implementation of national events such as Agricultural Jihad Week - Women's Day - Sacred Defense Week - Feast of Duty

7- Implementation of cultural programs related to the cultural upliftment of employees, such as providing consulting services - preparing - distributing and publishing cultural pamphlets and publications, holding conferences, festivals and cultural camps - book exhibitions needed by employees and their families and meetings Thinking and...

8- Planning in order to identify the cultural aspects of the organization such as production and trying to realize them

9- Carrying out the necessary measures to promote the promotion and development of prayer culture

10- Creating cultural centers such as equipping and developing libraries

11- Providing the necessary grounds for good mutual communication between the people - the officials and employees of the organization with the field of representation of the legal guardian

12- Monitoring the implementation of cultural programs and evaluating them

13- Forecasting and estimating the credits and budgets needed for cultural affairs and presenting them to the relevant authorities

14- Performing other assigned duties