Description of the duties of religious education department

1- Propagation and legalization of religious duties, Shariah standards, holidays and deaths, revolutionary values, the positions of Imam Rahel (RA) and the supreme leader of the revolution at the province level in the form of educational and training courses based on approved programs.

2- Planning in order to promote Islamic knowledge-insight and strengthen the religious and spiritual level of the personnel

3- Planning in order to identify, collect and prioritize the educational and training needs of employees (needs assessment)

4- Planning and presenting proposals to strengthen - improve and upgrade the content of religious education programs to the relevant authorities

5- Preparation and adjustment of religious education programs and courses

6- Planning for the implementation of ideological training courses approved and announced at the province level by preparing the annual schedule calendar

7- Formation of educational and training files for all employees

8- Estimating and proposing and tracking the provision of educational needs, including (educational space, professors, educational aids, books and educational pamphlets, etc.)

9- Planning and implementing educational programs for employees and their families

10- Planning to promote Quranic activities

11- Performing congregational prayers - organization and training of congregational imams

12- Communication and cooperation with educational units in the province in order to use the facilities and equipment

13- Planning for the implementation of educational programs for the headquarters, including: prayer, enjoining good and forbidding evil, etc.

14- Assessing and monitoring the implementation of educational and training programs, preparing analytical reports and presenting them to the relevant authorities.

15- Estimating and adjusting the budget required for religious education and submitting a proposal to the relevant authorities

16- Performing other assigned tasks