Description of land affairs management duties

Identifying and preparing statistics related to all government lands that can be assigned in the implementation of the Ministry's policies in land affairs

Planning and assigning lands that can be assigned for optimal use in the form of policies, manuals and executive regulations

Carrying out measures to transfer part of the properties purchased from the owners included in the first phase of the law, which for some reason have not been transferred to the farmers so far.

Sale of agricultural lands subject to the liquidation law of the Khalsa company to the respective owners based on the law and determination of the duties of agricultural lands and established nobles by individuals in the villages and farms of Khalsa approved on 4/20/54

Maintaining the use of agricultural and garden lands outside the legal boundaries of cities and towns, surveying and land mapping

Pursuing the actions related to the summary claim and registering the lands in order to issue ownership documents in the name of the government

Allocation of national and state lands for the construction of fruitful gardens in the form of Tubi (Bandab) plan.

Purchase of nobles and acquired rights of persons who have withdrawn from the purchase of fields and nobles and lands of their possession within the deadline stipulated in the law.

Issuance of documents for assigned lands and definitive transfer of lands to agricultural and non-agricultural projects

Making a decision on the claimants of agrarian reform based on the provisions of Article 6 of the Law on Supplemental Articles to the Agrarian Reforms Regulations, correcting the registration errors of farmers' documents subject to the Agrarian Reforms Law through the Agrarian Reforms Council

Dealing with and announcing answers to notary public offices in the field of mortgages from farmers' documents

Pursuing the collection of government revenue from concluded contracts

Dealing with the mistakes made in the legal exceptions of the owners based on the laws and the legal bill according to the Land Reforms Law

Allocation of national and state lands for agricultural and non-agricultural projects in the form of articles 31 and 32

Transfer of national and state lands in the implementation of the legal bill amending the legal bill of transfer and restoration of lands in the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran