According to the public relations report of South Khorasan Agricultural Jihad Organization, the head of the organization stated that agriculture is considered as the basic sector of the economic development of every society and said: by using the many capacities of this sector, in addition to providing suitable inputs for the growth of other Sectors also achieved the development of other sectors.

Mehdi Jafari added: The agricultural sector plays many roles in the process of economic growth and development of different countries, the most important of which is the supply of raw and basic materials needed by upstream industries, supply of inputs such as labor He mentioned the consumption of the products of other industrial sectors such as fertilizers and chemical pesticides and agricultural machinery, earning currency for the country and financing other infrastructure sectors.

He stated: In addition to the mentioned roles, the health and food security of a country is directly dependent on the production of the agricultural sector, and any disturbance in the production process of this sector can directly threaten the food and even political security of that country. .

He said: The recent sensitivities of developed countries regarding the consumption of agricultural products and healthy and organic food indicate that the policy makers and consumers in these countries pay a lot of attention to the issue of healthy products in the agricultural sector.

The head of South Khorasan Agricultural Jihad Organization emphasized: Therefore, paying attention to healthy and economic production in the agricultural sector and developing the infrastructure of this sector for more and healthier production, based on the relative advantages of a country, is an issue that cannot be simply It passed by and we should move towards it with a principled and coordinated planning.

Jafari added: Therefore, the agricultural sector can play a unique role in Iran's economic development process. Iran's privileged geographical location and climate diversity for planting various agricultural products, the presence of suitable labor in villages and production centers, the presence of sufficient educated personnel in fields related to agriculture, the presence of God-given relative advantages in the field of valuable products Such as saffron, pistachios, medicinal plants, food industry products and handicrafts related to the agricultural sector and the like are among the existing advantages of Iran's agricultural sector.